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Silly Love Song

first ficlet!

           Paul sat hunched over his guitar as the music from the record player filled the room. He listened to the song over and over trying to memorize the lyrics and discern every chord change. He was determined to get this right and sing it, for John. Even though he knew John hated sappy love songs and would never admit how much he appreciated Paul's expression of love. He needed to show John how much he cared, how much he meant to him, and this was the best way he knew how. "your's was the kiss that awoke my heart...." he crooned. He thought  he sounded pretty good, maybe he could sing it to John tonight after all. Paul checked the clock on the dresser. John had said he'd be there 5 minutes ago, but John was rarely ever earlier than a half hour late.
      After a while he got bored and decided to switch the record to another song he'd been trying to get right. "Yeah, we're gonna have some fun tonight, have some fun tonight.." he screeched along with Little Richard. "Holy fuck", came a voice from the doorway just as the final chord crashed down. "Shit, John", Paul yelled, spinning around so quick he almost fell off the bed, "You could have knocked, you scared the hell out of me!" John strode across the room, appearing not to have heard. He settled on the bed behind Paul and slipped his hands around his waist. "God, you make me so hard when you scream like that Macca." John began to suck at the back of Paul's neck. "John..." Paul mumbled. This would be a great time to sing his love song, if only he could maintain coherent thought. "I want..." John moved his hand in slow circles on Paul's stomach and began to fiddle with his belt. "uhh.." Paul sighed and turned around, giving in to John's lust. His song would have to wait until a time when John was less horny. Whennever that would be...


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